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Re: debconf: how write sections and comments at php.ini?

Many thanks for the suggestions.
Unfortunately, the debian php5 package is compiled without the
"--with-config-file-scan-dir=/etc/...." option, that could make things easier.
I guess it is something about security.
I already downloaded the source package of imagemagick php extension and read
the scripts used for the php.ini edition.
They involve a fair amount of coding for including and removing each line of
text from php.ini.
Is this the recommended interface?
Maybe, there is some set of debconf helper functions for this task.
What are the source packages that could be used as good examples of right
debian way of accomplishing this?
Is there additional docs beyond the debconf and debconf-devel man pages and 
Joey Hess tutorial?
I did not find the recommended way of writing sections and comments.
Is there additional docs?
Many thanks.
Andre Felipe Machado

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