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Re: More on Singular's license

Jordi Gutierrez Hermoso wrote:
>> - he does not want anybody to use omalloc in a comercial software
>>   without contacting/asking him before

That could mean non-GPL, non-free. Debian must be free to allow
commercial use of packages in main.

> Now, it seems that Herr Bachmann is afraid of having The Evil
> Corporations take his code away from him and sell it (I'm presuming
> that Hans Schoenemann really meant proprietary, not commercial
> software).

That could be an inaccurate presumption. Generally, "commercial" is used
to mean "people making money by running the free software" and
proprietary to mean "people making money by restricting the non-free
software". As far as Debian is concerned, anyone is allowed to make
money from running software in main. By restricting this use of omalloc,
omalloc itself becomes non-free.

> If I'm understanding Bachmann's intentions correctly, as
> related by Schoenemann, shouldn't we be recommending precisely the GPL
> to Olaf Bachmann?

That would not meet his requirements.

> Here Bachmann specifically denies using the GPL, although in good
> faith, seems willing to allow modifications 

 - as long as you don't try to make money from his software - that rules
out a whole host of Debian users like webhosts and the like.

> of his package as long as
> he is contacted first. (By the way, as noted above in my email to the
> Singular team, the contact information given here for Olaf Bachmann is
> no longer valid).

Which means commercial use is currently impossible.

> If I may so presume to know the inner workings of Bachmann's mind, I
> think he feels adversely towards the GPL due to a
> misunderstanding. One of the (admittedly controversial) strengths of
> the GPL is that it protects software from the concerns that
> Schoenemann seems to imply Bachmann has.

Possibly, possibly not. Don't presume too much about someone you haven't
been able to contact.


Neil Williams

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