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Re: my projects for debian ? - Answer to Matt

Ok, so i was too stupid to figure out. Thanks for the tips. So the only difference is that my tool
dont need pipes. So if it is not good enough for debian just say it and everything is fine.

> Uhm...
> $ pwgen -h 2>&1 |head -1
> Usage: pwgen [ OPTIONS ] [ pw_length ] [ num_pw ]
> $ pwgen -1 10 10
> dieN0iyuab
> eetaDu9oeW
> $ pwgen -1 10 10 >/tmp/foo
> $ cat /tmp/foo
> izaiteidet
> heacheilee
> ufiepeoloh
> I've just had a look at your code, and I can safely say that pwgen has a lot
> more options, and is significantly more flexible.  You have to recompile
> your program to change the output file or increase the maximum size of the
> password beyond 15 characters, you have to answer a bunch of questions
> interactively to get a password, and there's no pronounceability or security
> options.  To top it all off, you're using scanf throughout your code to
> retrieve input from the user, and you've got global variables named x, y, z,
> m, n, and max.
> Suffice it to say, I don't think your program adds much to the feature set
> already provided by pwgen.
> - Matt

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