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Re: RFS: frown

Op za, 16-09-2006 te 00:13 +0100, schreef James Westby:
> On (15/09/06 23:21), Arjan Oosting wrote:
> > Hi potential sponsors,
> > 
> > As I am still in the NM queue I am searching for a sponsor for "frown".
> > 
> > * Package name    : from 
> Hi, package looks pretty cool. Thanks for packaging it.
Thanks :-)

> Only two very minor points I can make.
>   * Homepage is by convention indented by two spaces. 
Fixed it in svn,

>   * debian/dirs is redundant here.
Huh? Why is it redundant? The upstream Makefile does not create
$(bindir) so I debian/dirs to make sure usr/bin exists.

> Also you could use debian/compat 5, but there's no real need.
Updated anyway in svn.

I don't think these two changes require a new upload, but the changes
will be included in 0.6.1-3.

> I have a couple of questions if you could answer them for me, (purely
> out of interest 
> You have gone with cdbs handling debian/control. This is unpopular, can
> you tell me why you chose it?
Well it is very bad manners to do this on build time and the ftp-masters
will reject the package if it does this. I only have an additional
Makefile target update-debian-control which I call manually to update
dependencies when I update the package.

Now for the why. The main reason is that I because the package uses CDBS
and I am to lazy to keep up with the list of Build-Depends CDBS
needs. ;-)  
> The update-haskell-control stuff seems unecessary to me (I realise it is
> not your choice.) Can you tell me why it is done like this?
Well it substitutes some Haskell related variables (right build
dependencies on ghc6, list of ghc6 arches etc) which can be especially
usefull if the package contains a Haskell library. But right now I only
use it to keep track of the list of Architectures frown can be build

Thanks for the review.

Greetings Arjan

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