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Re: RFS: frown

On (15/09/06 23:21), Arjan Oosting wrote:
> Hi potential sponsors,
> As I am still in the NM queue I am searching for a sponsor for "frown".
> * Package name    : from 

Hi, package looks pretty cool. Thanks for packaging it.

I am unable to sponsor your package, but I have reviewed it anyway.

Only two very minor points I can make.

  * Homepage is by convention indented by two spaces. 
  * debian/dirs is redundant here.

Also you could use debian/compat 5, but there's no real need.

I have a couple of questions if you could answer them for me, (purely
out of interest)

You have gone with cdbs handling debian/control. This is unpopular, can
you tell me why you chose it?

The update-haskell-control stuff seems unecessary to me (I realise it is
not your choice.) Can you tell me why it is done like this?

I hope you find a sponsor. I certainly think the package is ready for an


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