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Building a program with the library shipped in Debian, not in orig.tar.gz

Dear Mentors

I am preparing Debian packages for EMBOSS (the European Molecular
Biology Software Suite, www.emboss.org), and I run in the following

EMBOSS is shipped and built with its own copy of libpcre. As a result,
the EMBOSS Debian package contains some files wich are also in the
libpcre Debian package, and they conflict together.

I would like to try to build EMBOSS with the libpcre from Debian, but I
could not figure out how to do. Can somebody give me hints?

EMBOSS uses the auto(make|conf) system - I do not understand the
difference yet. The files for libpcre such as pcre.h are in the same
directory as the files for a core EMBOSS library. I need to tell the
program to use /usr/include/pcre.h and so on, but I have no clue on how
to do this (I never programmed in C).

Is there a documentation for solving that kind of problem? I beleive it
should be recurrent in Debian...

Have a nice day,

Charles Plessy
Wako, Saitama, Japan

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