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Re: RFS: anaconda (updated:

On (13/09/06 00:26), Ryan Finnie wrote:
> The python packages have been unified.  Below is a full copy of the
> updated request, since package names have changed.  Thank you.
> Ryan Finnie
> ---
> Dear mentors,
> I am looking for a sponsor for my package "anaconda".
> * Package name    : anaconda

I cannot sponsor the package for you as I am not a DD, but I have a few
comments nonetheless.

  * As your first version of the package didn't make it in to the
    archive you don't need to add the versioned provides/conflicts for
    the python packages. You can also drop the -2 version if you want,
    though it is not necessary.
  * Your debian/copyright needs more work, see
  * debian/dirs is redundant here.
  * Consider using a python framework for managing the byte compilation,
    either python-support or python-central.


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