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Re: RFS: jlha-utils -- command-line lzh archiver written in Java

[Moving back on list as more people will be able to help]

On (10/09/06 10:57), Ying-Chun Liu (PaulLiu) wrote:
> James Westby wrote:
> >   * Please add a full stop to the Initial release line of you
> >     debian/changelog.
> Sorry, what is a full stop?

This one doesn't matter. The next package I reviewed, also has this, and
it turns out it is part of the dh_make templates. Sorry for the noise.

[A full stop is a period, ".".]

> >   * You Conflict with lha, and then try and set up an alternative for
> >     lha. Is this really what you intend? I can see why it might be done,
> >     but I would like to know that you have chosen this route for the
> >     right reasons.
> No, I don't really want to conflict to lha. Actually, I want a virtual
> package named 'lha' (provides lha). And the non-free lha should also use
> update-alternatives and provides lha. However, I still have to conflict
> to the old version of lha because it really conflicts. Maybe I should
> discuss it in the debian-devel and file bugs to debian-policy for the
> virtual package. I'm still thinking what is the first thing I should do.

This is reasonable. 

You can file a wishlist bug against the lha package asking them to use
alternatives. You can discuss with them about priorities. 

I'm not sure that you need a bug against policy.


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