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Re: RFS: cscope (updated package)

Tobias Klauser wrote:
>> * do not "beautify" previous changelog entries.
> I didn't change anything to them on purpose.

interdiff says, you have removed a useless whitespace at the end of the
last changelog entry.

> I was not sure about this one. My idea was to make an upload with as few
> changes as possible and change to a new CVS snapshot later on. What
> would you do?

..directly introduce the new upstream version, saves an upload ;)

> Now if I prepare a new package would I make that -4 and leave the
> changelog entry for -3 as is or should I adjust it according to the
> additional changes I made now?

if you're not going directly to the new upstream release/snapshot (which
would be $something-1 then), don't bump the revision. the package wasn't
publically available (mentors.d.n doesn't count).

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