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Fwd: "Glest ITP is RFP" or "I will be disconnected for an undefinite period of time"

Hello mentors,

I thought this might interest you, probably some of you know about
REVU, but maybe it can be somehow plugged into/ connected to the
mentors web interface?

It seems really a good way to track down issues of prospective packages.

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From: Stefan Potyra <sistpoty@ubuntu.com>
Date: 27-Jul-2006 15:00
Subject: Re: "Glest ITP is RFP" or "I will be disconnected for an
undefinite period of time"
To: debian-devel-games@lists.debian.org

Am Donnerstag 27 Juli 2006 13:15 schrieb Eddy Petrişor:
On 27/07/06, Reinhard Tartler <siretart@tauware.de> wrote:
> Eddy Petrişor wrote:
> > (REVU is really nice, is it dfsg free? Myabe mentors could use that)
> It's mainly BSD licenced, so that wouldn't be a problem. It is however
> work in progress and development has rather stalled as the developers
> (Stefan Potyra and me) are rather busy with other things.

Then may I suggest taking the code on mentors and suggesting then to
contribute to it, use it and so on?

Revu's code is available in a bzr repo (just use bzr branch [url] to

new version that is far from finished:

the version on the revu site, but messy code:

Out of curiousity: Is the mentor's codebase available somewhere, as I'd like
to take a look ;).

But back to the original topic:
The glest package unfortunately FTBFS, but it seems like a trivial g++-4.1
error. Apart from that the source package looks quite good (As far as I can
tell w.o. looking at the resulting binary package).


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