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Re: RFS (dget optimized): subcommander -- qt based multiplatform subversion client, diff & merge tool

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Hi Bas,

Bas Wijnen wrote:
> compiler".  There is no such thing as "GNU/GPL".

Ok; I suppose I simply copy&pasted that from another RFS ...

> The copyright file doesn't contain this error, so that's fine.  However, it
> also doesn't contain the recommended paragraph from the GPL itself (the thing
> which should also be at the top of every source file).

You mean the three stanzas "... is free software; you can redistribute it ...",
"... is distributed in the hope that it will be useful ..." and
"You should  have  received a copy of ..." ?

I thought that it is sufficient to include a link to the license when
it is one of the common free licenses...

> The source files instead point to doc/COPYING, which contains it, so I suppose
> that is fine.  However, you should have the full contents of it in
> debian/copyright as well, because it is installed in the binary package so
> users know the copyright without first getting the source.  In particular,
> there is an exception for linking to Qt, which you don't even mention in
> debian/copyright.  Such mistakes can easily be avoided by copy+pasting the
> contents into debian/copyright.

Ok. I will do that.

There is another COPYING file, doc/COPYING.CollabNet; since
subversion is licensed under this license I think this should not
be a problem, other than also adding this file to debian/copyright
(even though this license only applies to two files which are needed
for the build on a specific other OS ...)



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