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Re: pbuilder outside & inside chroot hook scripts


> Workaround: use a simple D hook script [1] to access via http method of apt 
> needed build depends which are stored in manually prepared apt repo (well, on 
> the same machine). 

Have a look at pbuilder's OTHERMIRROR option (for http and ftp

> Improvement?: I think the wishlist described in #316547 has its merits, since 
> one should be able to feed self-healing pbuilder image with needed 
> build-depends at least. The external (outside chroot hook script will be used 
> to re-index[2] the apt repo which in fact could be pbuilder's result/ 
> directory with previuosly built packages stored in there and copy that 
> directory inside the chroot image one could access via file: method of apt. 
> Or other way round, copy packages inside chroot and re-index that apt repo.
> What do you think and am I missing something pretyty obvious here ?
I think what you want is described in pbuilder's manual:



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