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Re: pbuilder outside & inside chroot hook scripts

(OK, this time, TBird - send to the list!)

George Danchev wrote:
> Hello,
> Situation background: I have two packages which are not available in debian 
> archive. The first one is a library, the second one depends on. The library 
> package builds in pbuilder just fine, but when I try to build the second one 
> I run in unsatisfied build-depends since the library package is not 
> available.

Similar situation - are you the upstream developer for each too?

I stagger the release of the two upstreams so that the library is
released first.

In the meantime, I manually add the new - unreleased - library package
to the base-tgz when I want to test the package in pbuilder. With plenty
of disc space, I can use two base-tgz - one without the library, one
with the unreleased version.



Neil Williams

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