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Re: changelog.Debian.gz as a symbolic link

* Russ Allbery [Sat, 22 Jul 2006 09:13:01 -0700]:

> I'm not sure if it's allowed (my reading of Policy 12.3 says that you can
> symlink the whole directory, but I don't see anything that says you can
> symlink individual files with Debian significance such as copyright or
> changelog.Debian), but regardless I wish you wouldn't do it.  lintian (and
> other similar package checking programs) can only check files contained in
> the package, and not having the changelog file present in the package
> means that various things (NMU consistency, for instance) can't be
> checked.

Agreed. I see little point on linking individual files: either link the
whole doc directory if there's a strict (= ${Source-Version}) dependency
(and lintian can indeed check this case), or duplicate the files.

> The additional space used by installing a copy of the changelog
> with each binary package isn't large.

I should also mention that the main benefit I see from linking the doc
directories is not space savings, but making it easier for users to
access documentation: whichever directory they enter, it's all there.


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