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Re: libapt-pkg/python-apt API documentation?


> is there any documentation of the libapt-pkg resp. python-apt API?
> AFAICS their API is very much the same.  libapt-pkg-doc is, hm... an
> interesting, though incomplete description of APT internals and
> concepts, but not much help wrt the libapt-pkg API.
I have never really found any good documentation on the libapt-pkg API.
I used to revert to digging in the apt-get source code. However
depending on which programming language you are planning to do
something, I could recommand using libapt-front which is a frontend
library build to hide the ugly details of libapt-pkg from you. It's
documentation is not really good yet either, but IMO it provides a much
more consise API. libapt-front is C++ but I believe there are people
working on python/perl bindings. Please refer to
http://libapt-front.alioth.debian.org/ and
libapt-front-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org for more information.

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