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libapt-pkg/python-apt API documentation?

Hi all, 

is there any documentation of the libapt-pkg resp. python-apt API?
AFAICS their API is very much the same.  libapt-pkg-doc is, hm... an
interesting, though incomplete description of APT internals and
concepts, but not much help wrt the libapt-pkg API.

    The best thing I've found so far are the man pages of
libapt-pkg-perl.  If that's really all, I guess I'll have to go and read
the libapt-pkg source, and perhaps some of the python-apt wrapper
source, too. :-/  

    Note there is a 3-years-old python-apt wishlist bug open, see
http://bugs.debian.org/204818 ...  I don't think this really classifies
as mere wishlist. *sigh*


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