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RE: Question about variably depending packages

I accomplish this by

In the control file for test-application_1_i386.deb

Depends: test-database (=@DEB-VERSION@) | test-database-server-installed,
test-storage (=@DEB-VERSION@) | test-storage-server-installed,

Then if the empty package test-database-server-installed  is not installed
it will always get test-database package.

Thanks for your help!

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>"Jerry DuVal" <jduval@pace2020.com> writes:
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>> Can a package have a variable depends in the control file?  :p>
>Yes. But not the way you mean.
>What you mean is that the depends should change depending on a config
>file on the system. That is not possible. The file could be changed at
>any time and that would alter the depends and break the system. That
>just isn't supported.
>> I have created the following packages:p>
>> :p>
>> test-database_1_i386.deb:p>
>> test-application_1_i386.deb:p>
>> test-storage_1_i386.deb:p>
>You could have a 4th package test-remotedb that asks for the hostname
>of the remote db during configuration (with debconf) and enters that
>IP into the config file. The test-database package on the other hand
>would enter localhost into the config file. test-remotedb and
>test-database could conflict.
>        Goswin
>PS: use ucf for config file handling, don't include the file as
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