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pgplot5 binary package

Hello All:

I have started to help maintain pgplot5. It is in non-free but is, unfortunately, the only option for many Fortran programs which need to plot to and interact with X. The upstream source is very stable and does not change often at all but because of the X.org transition and other changes from sarge to etch, it is badly broken and in need of an update.

I have uploaded a new version for i386 which is pbuilder and lintian clean and I have even tested the build on a mips machine that I have in my lab. I would like to have the new pgplot5 installed for all architectures but I don't the proper protocol. Do I:

1. request a build and upload on the ports lists?

2. build the binary packages myself on the developer-access machines and
   then upload only the binaries?

#1 is the easiest but since the package is non-free, I hesitate to ask others to do the work.

If #2 is the right thing to do then I need to find the documentation for using the chroots on these machines. I have looked around in the Debian web site for information on this topic but as far as I can see, there is no information readily available on how to do this. Any pointers would be appreciated.

I have found the pages on porting and using the -B option in dpkg-buildpackage but then is it OK to just use dput as usual to upload?



Carlo U. Segre <segre@debian.org>
Illinois Institute of Technology

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