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two different packages with the same source tarball/name


is it possible to have two different binary packages with the same
source package name (but different upstream versions of the source)?

Reason: I'm about to package octave-forge for both Octave 2.1 and 2.9
(you can consider octave-forge as plugin, that needs to be compiled for
the respective version). 

Now, upstream provides only one tarball for *one* version; that is, the
latest upstream tarball is meant for Octave 2.9, while previous versions
were meant for Octave 2.1.

I would therefore like to keep the old version for Octave 2.1 (with a
source name of octave-forge), while packaging the latest version for
Octave 2.9 (as well with a source name of octave-forge, but a different
upstream version).


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