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Re: how to compile source after I apt-get source it ?

On Fri, Jul 07, 2006 at 11:23:31PM +0300, Maxim Vexler wrote:
> Doing a simple ./configure gets me this :

The resulting unpacked Debian source package comes with a makefile
at ./debian/rules for configuring, compiling and making the
resulting Debian binary packages.

> So the questions are :
> a. How do I know what packages does tilda depends on to compile on my 
> system ?
> b. Is there a debian utility that would go and get those packages for me ?

With root privs (su, sudo, whatever):

   apt-get build-dep tilda

This will calculate and install all build dependencies for the tilda
source package. For compiling, I recommend debuild from the
devscripts package (you'll probably want to install fakeroot as
well). In the unpacked source directory, as a normal user you can do
something like:

   debuild -b -uc -us --rootcmd=fakeroot

...and the resulting packages should appear in ../ when it's done. I
highly recommend reading appendix A of the Debian Developer's


Hope that helps!
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