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Re: Empty files in pbuilder chroot


> Le jeudi 06 juillet 2006 à 18:34 +0300, George Danchev a écrit :
> > I'm trying to set up pbuilder, but I end up with empty files (0 size,
> > access rights set to a-rwx). In particular, cc is empty. When running
> > pbuilder build, ldconfig complains about many libraries that are also
> > empty.
> >
> > Any idea where it comes from?
> My very wild guess is:
> - You are running out of space on the file system you are creating the chroot

That was also my first thought. I initially had 1.9G left, I now have
3.5G and the problem remains.

> Possible further pointers:
> - Examine the output of "pbuilder create sid --debug"

It's pretty stuffy, but the only line that looks potentially troublesome
to me is:
W: can't find package: base-config

> - Check BTS logs

Couldn't find anything similar.

Regards, Thibaut.

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