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Re: RFC: quilt-el

* Jari Aalto+mail.linux [Mon, 03 Jul 2006 23:30:55 +0300]:

> I wouldn't use quilt alone, because it is stack based and I mostly try
> to make all patches completely separate from each other.

This is nonsense. Either two patches touch the same group of lines in a
file, or they don't, period.

If they don't, they're independent, and it does not matter the order in
which you apply them, but both quilt and dpatch need you to tell them
the order. (Other systems can eg. randomize the order of patches that
have no dependencies.)

And if they do touch the same group of lines, yet being two separate
fixes, you can either:

  - diff change1 against plain upstream, and change2 against plain
    upstream, which gives you two patches suitable for submission to
    upstream, but which will be unapplicable one after another (in
    either order) in your build tree

  - decide which one goes first, and have the second not be directly
    sendable to upstream, since it won't apply cleanly without the first
    one applied; but you need to do this in order to have a buildable
    debian package

I fail to see what dpatch can do better about this with respect to

> at all costs I try to avoid this, because it makes hard to drop
> specific patch if upstream accepts the patched feature.

Uh? In the case above, you have no problems if upstream accepts either
change1 or change2.

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