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Re: BTS question: how to mark bug if fix needs library update?

On Fri, 30 Jun 2006, Jari Aalto+mail.linux wrote:
> * Fri 2006-06-30 Sam Morris <sam AT robots.org.uk>
> > File a bug against library B requesting that the new upstream
> > release be packaged. Call that bug #987654. Then issue the
> > following BTS command:
> >
> >    block 123456 by 987654
> When 987654 is closed, will that automatically also close 123456?

No. [It's not clear to the BTS whether a blocked bug should be closed
when the blocking bug is closed, or it means that the blocked bug can
now be worked on; if this is a feature that would be useful, please
file a wishlist bug against debbugs with suggestions on how this would

>  Or should I subscribe to bug 987654 to get the notification?

Since you've submitted #987654, you'll know about its closure;
whether you subscribe to it or not is up to you.

Don Armstrong
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