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Re: Problem with gnomeConf.sh.

On Sat, Jun 24, 2006 at 09:25:15AM +0300, Mihai Felseghi wrote:
>    Hello again mentors, I've started to package from sratch gsubedit
> (a subtitle editor for Gnme) but wen I run the configure script it
> keeps complaining about the missing of gnomeConf.sh file  (I already
> installed the dev libraries for gnome) but still didn't worked.So I'
> ve started googleing and found out that this file it only exists in
> gnome 1.x but this is not avalaible anymore, so please tell me what to
> do in a situation like this?

Well, there are two options, an acceptable and fast one, and a good and slow
one.  :-)  The fast one is to depend on the gnome 1 libraries, the slow one to
port the program to use gnome 2.  Or do you mean by "is not available anymore"
that the old libraries aren't in Debian anymore at all?  In that case only the
slow option would be possible of course.


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