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Re: How to correctly patch without cdbs?

"Jari Aalto+mail.linux" <jari.aalto@cante.net> wrote in message 871wtknaep.fsf@blue.sea.net">news:871wtknaep.fsf@blue.sea.net...

That's pretty much it to activate dpatch support. You have to generate
the individual patches (with any means confortable to you) and convert
them into dpatch format.

Dpatch really needs better instuctions. After reading the manpage, it is still highly unclear that all that is needed are those few changes. Other things dpatch could really use is an patch updating utility, and a patch generating utility. The generating utility should be able to take a debian source tree and diff it against the original source, creating a patch (by default ignoring things like new files). Ideally it would also be able to detect if any patches from debian/dpatch are applied (patch should be able to tell it this. If it thinks the patch might be backwards then obviously it is currently applied), and ignore those (temporally unpatch them, do the diff, and repatch them). Of course the utility should prompt the user for a name and description of the patch.

Those two utilities, and clearer instructions would make dpatch far, far more easy to use.

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