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RFS: python-py{ode,epl}

Dear DDs,

Not so long ago me and Michael Hanke created an alioth project
aimed provide Debian-aware psychologists with the means of carrying out
their experiments, such as stimuli delivery and response registration

Also I took over RFP(#329013) for PyODE since it is required for PyEPL
to run. I am going through NM process, and Michael is also just an
addicted-to-Debian packager without DD title, thus we are seeking
for sponsor to get our packages uploaded.

Debian packaging is kept under SVN 
pkg-exppsy  http://svn.debian.org/wsvn/pkg-exppsy  svn://svn.debian.org/pkg-exppsy/

Built packages and full sources are available from the repository
deb http://pkg-exppsy.alioth.debian.org/debian/ sid main 

dgettable dsc files are

Active issues and notes:
 * Maintainer address set to
   pkg-exppsy-maintainers@lists.alioth.debian.org and since none of us
   is DD yet we saw no point to include us in Uploaders. This fact makes
   lintian unhappy and complaining about changelog-should-mention-nmu,

 * PyODE is among Depends for PyEPL, thus may be I should've RFS just
   for for it first without PyEPL?

 * We had preliminary packages available for a while and of cause they
   used python2.?-PACKAGE scheme, that is why I had to provide conflicts
   and replaces for the packages so anyone who installed preliminary
   versions would be ok with new packages if they get accepted to
   official Debian
 * Upstream tarball for pyepl includes non-free font. I patched pyepl to
   don't rely on it, thus binary packages must be ok. Do I have to rip
   off that font from .orig.tar.gz and provide modified .orig.tar.gz?

I would like to thank in advance anyone willing to look at the packages.

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