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Re: How to correctly patch without cdbs?

On Mon, Jun 19, 2006 at 07:50:11AM -0600, Joseph Smidt wrote:
> I have a package that needs four pactches.  I put the four patches into
> debian/patches and cdbs patches just fine.  I want not use cdbs if possible
> for I am confused at how exactly it is working, but what debhelper command
> do you use to patch?  I see none listed under "man debhelper", no dh_patch
> or anything.  I tried using dpatch but it complained it couldn't understand
> the .patch files syntax even when I changed them to have .dpatch endings.
> I'm sure I'm not doing it correctly.  How do you correctly apply .patch
> files without cdbs?
At this point you should probably learn to use dpkg v2 source
archives, which allow patches without "third party" patch applying
code (and build deps).


dpatch uses a "patch patch" format, where the first column is all
pluses; they're really ugly.

> Do you just have to hardcode all the "patch" commands into
> debian/rules?
Some people do this ("cat debian/patches/* |patch -p1 && touch
./patched"), but it is generally not encouraged.  In particular,
related patches need to have an ordering applied, and "cat *" can't
guarantee that ordering with eg. reiserfs.  You could use ls |sort but
at that point you might as well just do it the right way..


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