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RFS (a bit complicated): hypermail

Dear list,

after Yu Guanghui had filed an RFA[1] on hypermail, I suggested to him
two weeks ago that I could shape up the package, and asked him if he
would review and upload my changes. He agreed, so I claimed the RFA
and did the packaging. However, I haven't received any more replies since
then, although I have sent several pings.

As I have no access to the internal data of db.d.o like echelon, I
thought I could ask here whether someone has seen him or knows when he
might return. (dev-ref says that such questions should go to d-devel
instead, but as it's basically an RFS, I'm posting it here)

It would be great if someone could provide some information or
would even take over the sponsorship - summing up:

* The package is open for adoption, so I guess Yu Guanghui wouldn't
  oppose to someone else's doing the upload and the sponsoring.
* Upstream seems long dead (2004), but there are still a few nasty
  bugs left, and the packaged upstream version is outdated (2.1.8 < 2.2.0).
* It possibly won't be that long until hypermail is finally removed from the
  archive, but until then I'd like to see a recent version of it in Debian.
* I'd go on fixing bugs until the bug count is brought down to a reasonable
  state, where the package may then idle away into oblivion.

My package is available here[2]. I have created version 2.2.0-1,
which fixes six BTS bugs and includes a bunch of lintian/linda cleanups
(I've already flagged the bugs in question "pending" in the BTS).
I have also already written code for the wishlist bug #319268, which
I'd like to include in 2.2.0-2. 

PS: This is not meant to be a package hijack - if I simply haven't
waited long enough, just tell me.


Jan Nordholz

[1] http://bugs.debian.org/364616
[2] http://www-pool.math.tu-berlin.de/~hesso/deb/

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