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RFS: libibverbs, libmthca - InfiniBand libraries

Hi, I'm searching for a new sponsor for my libibverbs and libmthca
packages.  Florian Ragwitz very kindly provided excellent review and
sponsored the initial upload of these packages, but I have not been
able to reach him for the past month to upload a new version of
libibverbs, which among other things fixes a FTBS bug.

Therefore, since Florian no longer seems to have time for these
packages, I am asking for a new sponsor to help me maintain them.  I'm
not sure what the proper protocol in this situation is, but it doesn't
seem good for Debian for a maintainer to be unable to upload fixes for
buggy packages in a timely way.

My original blurb about the packages is below:

Typical consumers of these libraries would be high-performance cluster
software.  For example, there are two MPI implementations:


that use these libraries to get extremely high performance on
InfiniBand clusters.

The sources to the packages can be downloaded from


and in particular the new versions of libibverbs to be uploaded are



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