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Re: [RFS] wormux - A funny fight game on 2D maps

* On Thu 2006-May-18 16:29:14 +0300, Eddy Petri??or <eddy.petrisor@gmail.com> wrote:
> Doing that will get you fishslapped by the release managers and people
> caring about etch. ;-)

  Hey, _I_ care about Etch (well, about Debian in general).  If I
didn't, I wouldn't bother sending the email.

> Seriousely, I have much faith in Andy, Steve and all Debian doing
> their work properly and making etch happen in December, as planned.
> The fact that sarge was the longest awaited release does not mean that
> everything subsequent release will break that record again and again.

  Woody wasn't exactly quick on its feet either.

  In all seriousness, though, I only mean this as good-natured
fun-poking.  The last thing I mean is to complain about the quality of
product produced by a team of volunteers for free.  :)  No kidding
around.  The amount (and, more importantly, quality and attention to
detail) that goes into this project hurts my brain to try and calculate.

  Just make sure Etch doesn't get delayed to bring in the 2.8 kernel,

  John  ! Since this email isn't signed, you can't really tell it's from
 Buttery! me; I'll hopefully have my computer working normally again
www.io.c! soon, but until then...gotta love catastrophic drive failure.
om/~john! Mmm, rdiff-backup to the rescue!

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