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RFC/RFS: bfilter, aspell-hr, myspell-hr


I'm looking for a sponsor (or sponsors) for the following packages:

- bfilter (Simple web filtering proxy, see http://bfilter.sf.net)

Was built fine in pbuilder environment. Install, remove, purge and upgrade
are successfully tested.
Man pages are missing for bfilter and bfilter-gui binaries. My English is
not very good, but I'll probably write them in future. Linda also
complains with message:
"A binary links against a library it does not use symbols from"
Which library, which binary? I'm not sure what to do about that.

- aspell-hr (The Croatian dictionary for GNU Aspell)

Like bfilter. Lintian doesn't complain, but linda says:
"File /usr/lib/aspell/hr.multi contained in /usr/lib of Architecture: all
I just adapted debian/rules and other files under debian directory from
other aspell-* packages. Other packages also install files under /usr/lib.

- myspell-hr (Croatian dictionary for myspell)

Like bfilter, but this one is lintian/linda clean.

When I find a sponsor I will add a "Initial upload to debian...closes ITP
bug number" entry to debian/changelog.

All packages are available at mentors.d.n. Thanks for any comments!

I would like to add that I have problem with sponsors.d.n service. I did
register, but can't login because:

"Sorry, you haven't confirmed your email address yet!
Please select resend to have the confirmation e-mail sent again"

This is because I didn't receive any e-mail. If I select "resend" this

"Thank you, an email has been sent with a confirmation code"

...but I received nothing. Note that if I say that I forgot my password, I
get an e-mail with new password, hence, my address is valid.


Vedran Furač

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