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Re: RFS: Templayer - HTML Templating Library for Python

Thijs Kinkhorst wrote:
Hello Ian,

Templayer is available at: http://excess.org/templayer/

I've taken a look. First, there's no direct link to the source package.
With some manual url manipulation I arrived there
(http://excess.org/dists/unstable/main/binary-i386/) but it's easiest
for a potential sponsor to just provide a direct link to a dir
containing all relevant files.

Second, the location misses the file that's referenced in the .dsc:
python-templayer_1.1.tar.gz. That means I can't unpack your source
package. Make sure you always provide a .dsc, and the files mentioned in
the .dsc's "Files" section.

Third, the package seems to be Debian Native, i.e. one tarball which
includes all Debian packaging, instead of an orig.tar.gz + .diff.gz.
Please see this useful posting for details on why not to package
software as Debian-native that isn't really Debian-specific:

Ah, I was hoping noone would look at the package I built :-).

When Paul Wise was kind enough to repackage my Urwid libraries I learned that I was not creating packages the way I should be.

I've put the dsc and tarball that I used to create the debian packages on excess.org up (such that they are):

The packages I've made have separate deb files for each version of python (python2.1-templayer, etc.) and one python-templayer package that is empty but depends on python2.3-templayer.


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