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Re: [Debian-haskell] RFS: haskell-http

> Hi,
> I checked out the package and there are some problems with your
> dependencies.  You need to make sure to depend on a specific version of
> GHC, in both the build-deps and the package deps.  ghc 6.4.2 is not in
> sid yet, so referencing it doesn't help right now.

>From the changelog:
>>     - Add versioned libghc6-cabal-dev and ghc6 to the Build-Depends to
>>       use Cabal version 1.1.1 or later which introduces a new         
>>       installation prefix for libraries.

The versioned depends for ghc6 is to make sure that it uses cabal version
1.1.1 or later. When ghc6 6.4.2 with cabal 1.1.4 hits unstable
libghc6-cabal-dev is not longer neccesary. Thats why i have that

Greetings Arjan

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