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Re: RFS: vim-latexsuite

* Stefano Zacchiroli <zack@bononia.it> [2006-04-11 17:49:41 -0400]:
> Well, I happen to be one of them :-)
> I think you should:
> 1) create an account on alioth if you don't have one, and let us know
>    the account name
> 2) ask Norbert Tretkowski to add that account to the pkg-vim-maintainers
>    project (so that you can commit on svn)
> 3) merge your work with what was available there (assuming something
>    which is not on the latest unstable package was there, which I
>    doubt)
> 4) ask for feedback on the pkv-vim-maintainers list before the actual
>    sponsoring
> But note that this only a suggestion, if you prefer to go ahead outside
> pkg-vim it wont be such a big deal.
> Thanks again for your work!

No problem, I'll join pkv-vim-maintainers. Unfortunately the confirmation
mail from alioth still isn't here after about an hour. Well, as soon as I'm
fully registered I'll get the process going.

Btw. I've just fixed a bunch of open bugs I found in the BTS and uploaded a
new version (same revision). Just in case someone cares to review my
solutions. ;-)


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