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Re: RFS: vim-latexsuite

> So what? I don't want to hijack Franz's work using the hood of vim
> maintainers. Of course I'm really grateful for what he did.
> I just happen to think that, since we already have a centralized place
> for coordinating vim related work and since that place was used in the
> past for maintaining vim-latexsuite, it would be good for Franz to
> commit its work there. I also suggest him to ask for review and
> sponsorship of his work _also_ to pkg-vim people. What's wrong with
> that?

Yes, I think you're right. As pointed out by Laszlo, I thought the pkg-vim
team isn't really interested anymore because they didn't respond.

Anyway, thanks for Cc'ing pkg-vim-maintainers, let's see what they think
about it.


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