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Re: RFS: vim-latexsuite

Hello Franz,

> I'm in search of a sponsor to adopt vim-latexsuite. I've uploaded all
> my files to:
>     http://franz-pletz.org/debian/vim-latexsuite/

> The corresponding bug is at:
>     http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=307166
> Package: vim-latexsuite
> Description: brings the LaTeX power to Vim
> I've packaged a new upstream version and changed a few bits to get it
> linda & lintian clean.

It looks fine. I can't upload the package for you, but I do have some
comments which may help to further improve the package:

- Description: I don't like the short and long description. I realise
  you didn't make it up but it's your responsibility now :)

| Description: brings the LaTeX power to Vim
|  Vim is undoubtedly one of the best editors ever made. LaTeX is an extremeley
|  powerful, intelligent typesetter. Vim-LaTeX aims at bringing together the best
|  of both of these worlds.
|  .
|  We attempt to provide a comprehensive set of tools to view, edit and compile
|  LaTeX documents without the need to ever quit Vim. Together, they provide
|  tools like macros speeding up the edition of LaTeX documents, means for
|  compiling tex files to forward searching .dvi documents.
|  .
|  This package also provides help to LaTeX in vim.

  The short description doesn't really tell one what exactly this
  package brings to Vim. The long description already does a bit better,
  but I'd put the second paragraph first, because that's the one that
  actually tells us what this does. The first paragraph is quite
  redundant and I suggest you just drop it, or at least move it down.

  Maybe change the short one to "View, edit and compile LaTeX documents
  entirely from within Vim".

- You've made some miscellaneous changes but you didn't mention them in
  the changelog:
    * New upstream release
    * Adoption of package (Closes: #307166)
  For example: you've updated the standards-version, you've added a
  dependency and made changes to debian/rules. Please make sure you
  document all the packaging changes you make in your changelog.

- Standards-Version: you've changed this to, I'd suggest to
  state just "3.6.2". The last part of the version number indicates
  only textual/formatting revisions to the policy so it's not
  significant for the package (i.e.: you never need to make changes
  to your package between and

- debian/rules: for clarity, please remove the commented-out dh_*

- debhelper: you could consider moving to debhelper compatibility
  level 5 (newest and recommended) but this is not necessary.

- debian/copyright: doesn't list the years of the copyright, please see

Good luck with the adoption, and if you look at these points I'm pretty
sure that someone will sponsor you.


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