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Re: RFS: kscoreticker

On Saturday 01 April 2006 1:30 pm, Varun Hiremath wrote:
>   Description     : A simple score ticker for KDE which displays the
> latest cricket scores on the taskbar.
>   KScoreTicker is a simple KDE panel applet which shows latest cricket
>   scores on the KDE taskbar.
> I have some more ideas to implement to improve this package but before that
> I would like have a sponsor for my package.
> Any comments or suggestions are welcome.

There can't be that much difference between a ticker for cricket scores and a 
ticker for football, rugby, Aussie rules, basketball or lacrosse scores. If 
you had sources for this data (or if the user could provide some), would 
kscoreticker be able to use them?

What about if kscoreticker could get it's data stream via RSS ? It could be a 
news-ticker too. Some people would find it handy to have a freshmeat news 
ticker or /. or mainstream news from any of the dozens of online news 

Is there a separate knews-ticker ?

If things like this are planned for upcoming releases (i.e. within the 
foreseeable future), a name change shouldn't be necessary. Otherwise, the 
name is clearly misleading.


Neil Williams

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