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Re: question about CFLAGS modifiers to ./configure

 --- Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> escribió:

> On Fri, Mar 31, 2006 at 08:41:22AM +0200, Miriam Ruiz wrote:
> >  --- Steve Langasek <vorlon@debian.org> escribió:
> > > This is discussed in policy 10.2.  If your libraries are failing to link
> > > when using -z,defs, that's a bug in those libraries; anything that
> > > references symbols from other libraries on the system needs to link
> against
> > > those libraries.
> > Thanks, I have no clue why the linker gives errors then. I'll send the
> > reference to this conversation to upstream as I'm not sure to be able to
> fix
> > that myself properly.
> It might be helpful to you (and others) if you posted the full error
> messages here as well, and provided a link to a source package.  Odds are
> good that your upstream won't understand the error message any better than
> you do. :)

My home connection is down so I can only read and write mail from work. My
home server obviously is offline so I don't have it easy to put my packages
available. The program is gnash ( http://bugs.debian.org/347352 ) and the
problem is that, when linking the libraries, it gives unresolved symbols.

I've managed to compile libbase and libgeometry adding AM_LDFLAGS to


AM_LDFLAGS  = $(OPENGL_LIBS) $(SDL_LIBS) -L../libbase -lgnashbase

But I'm having serious problems with some of the other components.

I can post the full error message if you might think it's interesting. I can
also send my latest version of the debian/ directory to the bug report. I hope
to have my home connection fixed soon (it's been about 3 weeks and 5 different
technicians coming home to see it since it doesn't work). Any suggestion on
how to make my packages available with only web access?

Greetings and thanks,

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