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Re: How to 'su' to root from a script using Xdialog?

Your choices are gksu, kdesu, sux, or su -c. To make a dialog you can just tell it to output "This program requires root permission." and then run the command.

Michelle Konzack wrote:
Am 2006-03-17 13:54:04, schrieb Anibal J. Avelar:
You could use 'sux', but you need to install that program.


Or you can do this:

/bin/su - $USER -c command

With this you will avoid $DISPLAY problems.

This is what I genrally use, but it requires a terminal to enter the
password.  I do not like to use the terminal, but a fd or something
like this.

I like to have a Dialog which tell the $USER: "This programm requires
root permission. Please enter the password:"


    Michelle Konzack


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