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Re: RFS: byzanz - Small screencast creator

Paul Wise wrote:
> On Sat, 2006-03-25 at 16:57 +0100, Bastian Venthur wrote:
>> I'm looking for a sponsor for this tiny screen cast utility named byzanz:
> If you have no luck here, try the debian-gtk-gnome list.

Thanks for the hint! I'll do that if I cannot find a sponsor on this list.

>> Package status:
>> - lintian-clean, but linda gives a warning:
>>   W: byzanz; A binary links against a library it does not use symbols
> A relibtoolizing could probably fix this, see the autotools-dev README &

I've tried to find the superfluous library but was not able to find it.
Since this is only a warning and there is (according to linda) a chance
that this bug could be caused by a bug in a library my package depends
on, I decided to leave the warning alone for now.

BTW: I've checked the ubuntu package of byzanz and unlike me the
maintainer uses cdbs but has exactly the same depends line -- and off
course the same linda-warning.

>       * debian/byzanz.menu: could use an icon (in xpm format)

I know, but upstream is currently searching for an appropriate icon, and
I think it would be better to leave it alone until upstream comes up
with an icon.

>       * debian/control: please add the homepage in accordance with the
>         developers reference section 6.2.4


>       * debian/dirs: probably not needed, since the upstream install
>         process should do that

Hmm, but it does not hurt to leave it, does it?

>       * debian/watch: probably best to remove all but the two useful
>         lines


>       * debian/README.Debian: hmm, not sure this is needed, perhaps a
>         small clarification to the long description would replace it

I partly disagree. I think it's better to leave a bit too much help than
providing too less. And the long description is probably not the best
place for this hint. Although this case might be borderline, I'd prefer
to provide things like this in the README.

>       * debian/byzanz-record.1: small typo "...briefly the byzanz-record
>         commands...", should be "...briefly the byzanz-record
>         command..."

Done, thanks!

>       * debian/byzanz-record.1: if this was generated automatically with
>         help2man or the like, without any modifications, it might be
>         useful to generate it at build time so it automatically keeps up
>         with upstream.

I'd like to, but the manpage had to be adjusted massively by hand after
the conversion.

>       * debian/copyright: the copyright bit needs years, ie Copyright
>         2006 Benjamin Otte. Grep the source code to find the correct
>         years.


If someone is still interested in sponsoring the upload:




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