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Re: RFS: byzanz - Small screencast creator

On Sat, 2006-03-25 at 16:57 +0100, Bastian Venthur wrote:

> I'm looking for a sponsor for this tiny screen cast utility named byzanz:

If you have no luck here, try the debian-gtk-gnome list.

> Package status:
> - lintian-clean, but linda gives a warning:
>   W: byzanz; A binary links against a library it does not use symbols

A relibtoolizing could probably fix this, see the autotools-dev README &

I tried this, but got some autoconf errors and wasn't sure how to fix
them. make dist also doesn't seem to work.

> You can grab the package from here:

Some comments:

      * debian/byzanz.menu: could use an icon (in xpm format)
      * debian/control: please add the homepage in accordance with the
        developers reference section 6.2.4
      * debian/dirs: probably not needed, since the upstream install
        process should do that
      * debian/watch: probably best to remove all but the two useful
      * debian/README.Debian: hmm, not sure this is needed, perhaps a
        small clarification to the long description would replace it
      * debian/byzanz-record.1: small typo "...briefly the byzanz-record
        commands...", should be "...briefly the byzanz-record
      * debian/byzanz-record.1: if this was generated automatically with
        help2man or the like, without any modifications, it might be
        useful to generate it at build time so it automatically keeps up
        with upstream.
      * debian/copyright: the copyright bit needs years, ie Copyright
        2006 Benjamin Otte. Grep the source code to find the correct



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