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Re: Conflicting library names

On Fri, Mar 24, 2006 at 12:54:01PM +0200, Kari Pahula wrote:
> I'm packaging libggtl (ITP #358659), which uses libsl (ITP #358657).
> The latter is rather unfortunately named.  The namespace of two letter
> acronyms is rather crowded and there is already a /usr/lib/libsl0 in
> libsl0-heimdal.
To be precise, it is a file collision, not a directory:
  libsl0-heimdal: usr/lib/libsl.so.0
  libsl0-heimdal: usr/lib/libsl.so.0.1.2

> What would be a sane way to handle this situation?  I'm thinking of
> just copying libsl into the package and linking statically to it and
> to not package libsl at all.
The obvious disadvantage to this is that the source package will be
nonpristine (well, unless you use an embedded-style source package,
which is like borderline-pristine or something).

> Most of the uses of libsl are internal in libggtl, but some parts of
> its API return libsl derived data structures.  There would be some
> need to have libsl at hand for users...  Otherwise I would just take
> the easy road and not bother packaging libsl at all.
Perhaps you could install include files, including any from libsl, to
/usr/include/ggtl/ (rather than cause more 2 letter collisions), and
rename the library file to libggtl-sl?  (And update the soname too of

This means that some binaries won't run on different distributions,
but there's no way around that anyway, right?


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