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Conflicting library names

I'm packaging libggtl (ITP #358659), which uses libsl (ITP #358657).
The latter is rather unfortunately named.  The namespace of two letter
acronyms is rather crowded and there is already a /usr/lib/libsl0 in

What would be a sane way to handle this situation?  I'm thinking of
just copying libsl into the package and linking statically to it and
to not package libsl at all.  IMHO there are already quite a lot of
libraries in Debian that provide utilities such as linked lists for C

Most of the uses of libsl are internal in libggtl, but some parts of
its API return libsl derived data structures.  There would be some
need to have libsl at hand for users...  Otherwise I would just take
the easy road and not bother packaging libsl at all.

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