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Re: RFC/RFS: bcpp - C(++) beautifier

Hi Miry!

* Miriam Ruiz <little_miry@yahoo.es> [060308 08:50]:

> > - debian/control: You could add the Upstream Homepage (as described in
> >   the developers reference [1])
> Is it worth mentioning the home page in the description, even when that home
> page has not extra relevant information apart from the program itself?

Good point, I totaly forgot to take that into account.

> (Another question related to this, but for another package. If the home page
> is in chinese/japanese or whatever, should I put it in the description too? In
> that case, should I put also a note saying that it's not in english?)

Wel... My firsth thought would be, that if upstream has more than an
directory listing / ftp-site to download the source from, it's worth
mentioning and let the user decide if he likes it or not.

But as said:  I think it's a minor thing, whatever you decide will be
okay with me;  I was just thinking about different threads I saw about
user missing the upstream homepage in the description / header.

Yours sincerely,


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