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Re: RFC/RFS: bcpp - C(++) beautifier

 --- Alexander Schmehl <tolimar@debian.org> escribió:

> Two (minor) remarks:
> - debian/compat: should be set to 5
> - debian/control: You could add the Upstream Homepage (as described in
>   the developers reference [1])
> Package is on it's way.  Nice tool, would welcome further uploads.

Thanks!!! I'll have a look at those :)

Is it worth mentioning the home page in the description, even when that home
page has not extra relevant information apart from the program itself?

(Another question related to this, but for another package. If the home page
is in chinese/japanese or whatever, should I put it in the description too? In
that case, should I put also a note saying that it's not in english?)


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