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Re: new and some about me

Melita Mihaljevic wrote:

> Hi, I'm new here and I supose I should say something about myself. Ok
> my name is Melita, but many people called me Gizmo. I'm student of
> Computing science at College of engineering and coputer science in
> croatia. I'm second year. I know some C programming but I programmed
> things needet for college homeworks. the best thig I had done is
> simulating priority queue in C. Also I learned some perl and I try to
> learn some Perl.

Nice to meet you, Melita.

> I'm passioned in Linux, exspecially I like Debian because I feel the
> most free working on it.

I guess most of us are. Otherwise we would not be reading these list,
would we?

> I would like to develop things some day, but now I would like to learn
> as much is I can.

That is great. We all wish you success.

> That's all from me. All help and comments are welcome.

What kind of help do you need? This mailing list is for sharing
experience between people who are experienced at Debian development, and
people who still need some advice.

I am writing this because you are unlikely to receive any answers if you
are not asking technical questions that are Debian related. It is not
because people here are rude, but because they are very busy and only
have time to answer precise questions. If you want to help improving
Debian, you should start by reading [1] and related documents.

You can also use your knowledge to help the entire free software
community by improving some smaller (non distribution) free project. You
said you are learning Perl. Great, there are many free projects done in
Perl (I am working on one right now). Get involved, improve them. Good
things end up in Debian sooner or later.

Feel free to contact me in private.

Good luck,

[1] http://www.debian.org/devel/join/

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