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Re: RFC/RFS: beef - a flexible BrainFuck interpreter

On Sat, 4 Mar 2006 13:17:57 -0800
Don Armstrong <don@debian.org> wrote:

> > Perhaps Policy needs an upgrade here... It seems logical to me that
> > you must always point to the license which is used. In case of "GPL
> > version 2 or later", that is usually understood as "the latest
> > version of the GPL" (although of course the user may choose to use
> > an earlier version, as long as it's at least version 2).
> Yes, that's what you should do. In the instant case, because the
> program is licenced under 2 or later, the right thing to do is to
> point at the GPL symlink.

I think this is why the Policy says you should point to `GPL' instead of

You should point out what is the first suitable version of the GPL in
debian/copyright, but the latest version will always be good.

So, every legal issues seems to be okay now.
Any sponsors?


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