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Packaging XSL stylesheets

I'm going to include some XSL stylesheets of my own in my next release of 
pilot-qof and these import other stylesheets from a standard library, 
licenced under the LGPL.



I can't find these in the current Debian archive, so I'm wondering whether to 
package them as a separate package so that others can use them or just copy 
them into my own pilot-qof...orig.tar.gz (I'm the upstream developer of 
pilot-qof)? Although I'd rather not have to keep the two trees in sync with 
manual copying, I'm not using all the stylesheets in the package either.

Before I create an ITP, is there anything special I should know about creating 
a package that does not need to be compiled but does need some build-time 
scripting? (The New Maintainer guide is a little brief on "non-standard" 
packages.) Any example packages I should look at?

I'm expecting to install to /usr/share/xml/xsltsl/ 
(there are also HTML docs to go into /usr/share/doc/xsltsl/.)

This new package wouldn't end up as a 'Depends' dependency of pilot-qof 
because the stylesheets are not accessed by the binary directly, they just 
exist to help the user in handling the data created. Users lose none of the 
functionality of the program binary by not having any of these stylesheets 
installed. I'm thinking that pilot-qof should probably just 'Recommend' this 
new package or just include the copied files.


Neil Williams

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