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RFS: linux-igd -- Linux UPnP Internet Gateway Device


I'm looking for a sponsor for the following package:

ITP: #328986
Package name: linux-igd
 This is a daemon that emulates Microsoft's Internet Connection
 Service (ICS). It implements the UPnP Internet Gateway Device
 specification (IGD) and allows UPnP aware clients, such as MSN Messenger
 to work properly from behind a NAT firewall.
Version: 0.cvs20060201
URL: http://linux-igd.sourceforge.net/
Source/binary package: http://jrfonseca.planetaclix.pt/debian/

Only the version in CVS can build against the libupnp-dev version found in

The package is lintian and linda error- and warning-free. Only one lintian
override because upstream has put user documentation in INSTALL file.


José Fonseca

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