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RFS: cgames

cgames is an implementation of some traditional puzzle games for the
console by Brian Raiter.  These versions are built with ncurses support
instead of the niftier (but less portable) Linux console interface with
graphical fonts.

Build-Depends: debhelper (>= 4.0.0), libgpmg1-dev, libncurses5-dev
Package: cgames
Architecture: any
Description: collection of linux console games
 This package contains the following games:
  * cblocks (block-sliding game)
  * cmines (minesweeper)
  * csokoban (traditional puzzle game)

License: GPL

Where to get it:

personal contact:	panu.kalliokoski@helsinki.fi, +35841 5323835
technical contact:	atehwa@iki.fi, http://www.iki.fi/atehwa/
PGP fingerprint:	0EA5 9D33 6590 FFD4 921C  5A5F BE85 08F1 3169 70EC

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